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Celebrate 20 years of AWI! 


The Atlantic Wildlife Institute (AWI) has been providing wildlife rehabilitation, education and emergency management services for 20 years in the Province of New Brunswick and the Atlantic Canada Region.

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What started as an abandoned farmland property has grown into a busy learning and research centre, open 365 days a year.  It includes wildlife care buildings, a classroom, several barns, shelters. aviaries and enclosures for recovering and non-releasable wildlife.

Now, with your help,  we are ready to do more!

This 20th anniversary fundraiser will help build support towards our 2 year (2016-17) capacity capital campaign of creating a Wildlife Centre of Excellence for the Atlantic Canada region. YOUR support will help get us there!

Atlantic Wildlife Institute is a registered Canadian charity, and depends on the generosity of its community through donations in able to deliver its programs and services.

What is a 20/20 Wildlife Supporter?  With your donation of $20 (or more if you like!) you are helping AWI reach our 20th year goal of $100,000 that will strengthen and upgrade our Wildlife Care Program.

Your contribution will go a long way of helping AWI provide:

  • Emergency medical care for injured, orphaned and ill wildlife;
  • Daily care of our wildlife patients, including food, supplements, bedding, cleaning supplies;
  • Covering the costs of operations including staff, utilities, transportation, insurance, and;
  • Educational opportunities for community groups and schools


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